I was just working on my genealogy file in PAF and discovered that you can plug in 2 names of anyone in your file and find out how they are related. Especially cool because I can’t remember what all those genealogical terms mean anyway. 🙂 But I found that Jake and I are 9th cousins! … Read more

On my own again

well, not really, but at least jobless again. I was laid off from my job yesterday. Actually not a terrible blow or a surprise, because I was working very hard to scrounge for work there (my position was new, so it was pretty obvious after not too long that it wasn’t really necessary). OK, I … Read more

My new office

Remember that bit about me, about my being lazy? Well a good example of this is our office. We moved into this house in December of 1999, with an office that we decided to leave unfinished to save a few bucks. The office quickly filled up with analog (paper) and digital information and I found … Read more

Fixed Length Format

Just as a matter of course, I am here to start something of a petition to BAN ALL FIXED LENGTH FORMAT DB FILES!!! oooo I hate ’em. Gimme pipe-delimited. Gimme XML. Something, ANYTHING besides fixed length. (okay, maybe not ANYthing. Comma-delimited is rather evil too.) As someone who often has to put together means to … Read more

TiVo Panks and Payets

OK, first, lemme sum up. In our house we talk about spankings a LOT. It’s just what we do, okay? And get your mind out of the gutter! Sheesh! Anyway, because we talk about them so much, the term has been shortened to ‘panks’ which is fairly obvious. Mostly we talk about panking the kitties. … Read more


OK, sorry for the long wait between posts, if you are caring and all that. I wrote 2 wonderful, brilliant, Pulitzer-prize winning posts, but in my fervor of typing I hit the exact right keystrokes to completely obliterate both of them before they saw the light of ‘net. Now you guys get to have this … Read more

Being Bipolar

I have bipolar II disorder. I bring this up because I’m struggling with the symptoms today and in trying to understand and deal with the disorder, I hope that talking about it will help — at least hopefully help others that deal with this same problem. Bipolar 2 is different from regular bipolar disease (aka … Read more

Freedom of Religion

I’m probably not going to be saying anything here that hasn’t been said before, but it chaps my hide so I’m going to say it anyway. When our country was founded, one of the founding principles was freedom of religion. Religion was core to the life of every person in the colonies and the countries … Read more