another MMORPG

Some friends of ours (the evil, evil Earls) introduced us to an MMORPG a few months ago that seemed interesting.  It’s Lord of the Rings online and it is, obviously, based upon the famous books by Tolkien.  Yeah, yeah, we replied, and never tried it.  Then recently, it became free.  Yes, free!  You can download … Read more

new game

We’ve discovered a new game. A new MMORPG called Aion, and so far it’s very nice. In fact, I just went and canceled my World of Warcraft account for this new game. The graphics are stunning (which makes the gameplay a little choppy, I think — though the servers are quite full since it’s only … Read more

World of Warcraft

For my husband’s birthday last month I got him the software and a 2-month subscription to the immensely popular MMORPG World of Warcraft. We used to play those types of things, text-based mostly, years ago and frankly I was quite addicted, but I’ve found that as I’ve gotten older and the repressed fuddy-duddy gene has … Read more


OK, I’m going to join the throngs talking about the latest game system and talk about our new Wii. We’re not the kind of gamers with cash to throw around on consoles or video cards or games, so we thought about it pretty long and hard before we decided to commit all of our Christmas … Read more