I love my little library. But…

I really regret having chartered it. I put a lot of money, time, and work into my little library. I really love reading, learning, books, and sharing these things with others. So I thought registering my library with the little free library organization was a good idea. It wasn’t. I work to have a good … Read more

Fancy French Creamy Chicken & Veggies Alfredo

Warning: this stuff is RICH and NOT remotely low-calorie! But it IS low carb! Ingredients 2-3 Tbsps butter 1 1/2 – 2 cups cream (I use heavy cream) 1 1/2 Tbsps Herbes de Provence 1 lb chicken tenderloins 1-2 medium zucchini 8 oz. fresh mushrooms (I usually use crimini or button) 1 Tbsp xanthan gum … Read more

Zucchini Stew

Ingredients 3-4 medium (8-10 inches) zucchini) 1 Tbsp minced garlic 1 packet (about 2 Tbsp) onion soup mix 1 lb. stew meat oil (I use peanut oil but any high-smoke-point oil will do) 1 can of Roasted Garlic Cream of Mushroom condensed soup 8 oz. fresh mushrooms (I used crimini) Instructions Mix the stew meat … Read more

Why You Should Hug and Give Presents to Your Local Tech Support

Tech support is

40% detective/psychic trying to figure out what actually went/is going wrong from a user who wasn’t paying attention, doesn’t know what is important on the screen, can’t describe what they saw/see/are trying to do/did, and doesn’t have the patience to read what’s on the screen.

10% therapist dealing with anger and anxiety from users who hate and fear technology and project all blame onto the machine even if the fault isn’t the machine’s.

20% Professional Googler.

7% Robot, just rebooting/reinstalling things (though, seriously, this has improved SO MUCH over the years)

10% Educator, trying to explain basic menus, tools, troubleshooting, and basic maintenance to users who couldn’t care less.

4% Stoic, hiding their frustration regarding users who want the tech to work magic while the user refuses to listen or follow advice.

4% madman, ranting and raving over problems that seem unsolvable (which ranting may be partially fueled by the emotion suppression of the stoic).

5% actually Knowing Stuff.

Health Issues, Diets, and the Power of Saying No

Lesson 1 Those that know me, know that I’ve suffered with health problems for years. Some are rooted in congenital metabolic and hormonal disorders. Some were caused by serious illness when I was younger (which is one reason I take COVID-19 seriously), and some by freak circumstances during/after surgeries or other injuries.  One of the … Read more

Discerning Truth from Error

Truth is Truth. And everything that is reflects it. Truth is indifferent to our individual needs or wants, and our beliefs or level of understanding make no difference to it whatsoever. Yet it affects all of us at all times, so whether we want to seek understanding or not, it is important that we have … Read more

A Big Lie

We’ve all heard it. “All you have to do is believe.” “If you believe it, you can do it!” “Anything is possible, if you just believe.” Well this, my friends, is bull crap. Case in point: today I ran a red light.  I believed it was green (I think I got it mixed up with … Read more

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