Discerning Truth from Error

Truth is Truth. And everything that is reflects it. Truth is indifferent to our individual needs or wants, and our beliefs or level of understanding make no difference to it whatsoever. Yet it affects all of us at all times, so whether we want to seek understanding or not, it is important that we have … Read more

A Big Lie

We’ve all heard it. “All you have to do is believe.” “If you believe it, you can do it!” “Anything is possible, if you just believe.” Well this, my friends, is bull crap. Case in point: today I ran a red light.  I believed it was green (I think I got it mixed up with … Read more

Being Ignorant vs Being Dumb vs Being Stupid

This is, as most of the content on my site, my opinion and how I use words for my own clarification more than anything. I share because a) if you hear me using these terms, it is sometimes helpful to know what I mean by the words I use, and b) I feel like the … Read more

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