Playing the Long Game

I KNOW IT REFERS TO GOLF NOT BASEBALL BUT I HATE GOLF. So I was pondering today in church (which is what I usually do in church.  If we’re lucky, I’m pondering the lesson) about the purpose of life. (I actually do this quite often.) (Which is, I suspect, one of the possible byproducts of … Read more

How the Holidays Are for Some People

This may take me a couple of days to write, because of the reason why I’m writing it. Thanksgiving to Christmas, aka The Holidays, can be a lot of fun.  But they are also crazy stressful, and for those of us who struggle with mental illness, even those in recovery, it can be crazy hard. … Read more

The Filter of God’s Love

I posted this on Facebook first, which I need to STOP DOING because stuff I put here automagically goes to Facebook anyway.  😛  So forgive me if you’ve already read it. A scripture hit me like a brick this morning. It’s in 1st Nephi chapter 11, when the Holy Spirit is speaking to Nephi on … Read more

How To Make Bad Things Good

Most of my life I was pretty miserable.  There are a lot of reasons why that was so.  And it took me a long time, a lot of learning, and a lot of effort to turn that around. But you know what?  The secret is amazingly simple.  The way to make Bad Things into Good … Read more

Epistemophilia and Time Management

I am an epistemophiliac, which means I love learning stuff.  Love it.  Love it love it love it.  The older I get, the MORE I love it, because I have found that in the areas where I have been weak or afraid or both, learning has helped me not be so weak or afraid, and … Read more

10 Ways to Show Charity, Become a Better Person, and Feel Better About Yourself with less than 5 minutes and No Money

1. If you go to the store, don’t pick up your cart from the collection inside. Take one from someone who just unloaded it to save them the trip to the cart holder. 2. Write a letter or email to a friend or acquaintance for no reason. Get personal with it: ask them personal questions, … Read more

The Responsibility of Democracy

When it comes to voting, I’m afraid that this is what we’ve come to: After the results of the Brexit vote last night–including the regrets of many of the people who voted to leave–I thought it was time that somebody get the word out to people to clear up some misconceptions that have been perpetuated by … Read more