Being Ignorant vs Being Dumb vs Being Stupid

This is, as most of the content on my site, my opinion and how I use words for my own clarification more than anything. I share because a) if you hear me using these terms, it is sometimes helpful to know what I mean by the words I use, and b) I feel like the … Read more

The Responsibility of Democracy

When it comes to voting, I’m afraid that this is what we’ve come to: After the results of the Brexit vote last night–including the regrets of many of the people who voted to leave–I thought it was time that somebody get the word out to people to clear up some misconceptions that have been perpetuated by … Read more

The Ecosystem of Society

My husband listened to a Freakonomics podcast today and was talking to me about it.  In it, there was a woman who had taught at Princeton and then went to work for Hillary Clinton when she was Secretary of State.  But then her teenaged son, who was with her family back in Princeton, really started … Read more

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