Health Issues, Diets, and the Power of Saying No

Lesson 1 Those that know me, know that I’ve suffered with health problems for years. Some are rooted in congenital metabolic and hormonal disorders. Some were caused by serious illness when I was younger (which is one reason I take COVID-19 seriously), and some by freak circumstances during/after surgeries or other injuries.  One of the … Read more

Discerning Truth from Error

Truth is Truth. And everything that is reflects it. Truth is indifferent to our individual needs or wants, and our beliefs or level of understanding make no difference to it whatsoever. Yet it affects all of us at all times, so whether we want to seek understanding or not, it is important that we have … Read more


Apparently I’m supposed to take the good stuff I post on Facebook and bring it over here, not just the other way around.  Who knew?  Anyway, this is what I posted this morning: Sabbath morning ponderings: As I was reading in the Book of Mormon this morning, a pattern struck me. Not the ‘pride cycle’ … Read more

Playing the Long Game

I KNOW IT REFERS TO GOLF NOT BASEBALL BUT I HATE GOLF. So I was pondering today in church (which is what I usually do in church.  If we’re lucky, I’m pondering the lesson) about the purpose of life. (I actually do this quite often.) (Which is, I suspect, one of the possible byproducts of … Read more

The Filter of God’s Love

I posted this on Facebook first, which I need to STOP DOING because stuff I put here automagically goes to Facebook anyway.  😛  So forgive me if you’ve already read it. A scripture hit me like a brick this morning. It’s in 1st Nephi chapter 11, when the Holy Spirit is speaking to Nephi on … Read more