The Ecosystem of Society

My husband listened to a Freakonomics podcast today and was talking to me about it.  In it, there was a woman who had taught at Princeton and then went to work for Hillary Clinton when she was Secretary of State.  But then her teenaged son, who was with her family back in Princeton, really started … Read more

The Lie of Love

In the study of languages, it is well known that a concept that can be easily conveyed with one word in one language, must be conveyed with a whole phrase in another language.  It is also known that while one language may use just one word to mean a category of similar things, another language … Read more

Addendum to Small and Simple Things

OK, so I was thinking about what I posted yesterday (tsk, you think I would think about it BEFORE I posted or something?  As if!), and I thought of another way to say it that also shows off some of my knitting. 🙂 So, see this blurry yarn picture?  It’s actually very nice yarn (Sweet … Read more

Writing is FUN!

Well it is.  Sometimes. As I prepare for life after school (again) and being out in the ‘real world’ (again), I am practicing my writing — not just for the sake of getting better, but for the sake of getting it done.  My old friend Katie, who is also a writer, is doing this with … Read more