I’m in love…with Roku

Twice a year, every year, the LDS religion holds a general conference where leaders of the church speak to all the members in a general meeting that is broadcast all over the world over internet, TV, and satellite.  It’s very wonderful and inspiring.  Living in Idaho, which has a high Mormon population, we generally got … Read more

Writing is hard and my birthday is coming

It’s been an interesting few weeks.  My desktop computer is down — bad motherboard and/or bad processor in an upgrade we’ve been trying to accomplish, and dealing with multiple RMAs, almost makes me wonder why we bother putting together machines ourselves.  Then Wes’s death and the trip down to Oklahoma for the funeral and to … Read more


My very good friend Wes Jones died last week.  I won’t get into the how, because it doesn’t matter, and I don’t know the why, but there is a hole in me now, a hole where people who originally called me “Eeny Meenie Dyany Moe” used to be.  It’s the end of much of what … Read more

a little assignment…and a rant…about domestic violence

I am talking to you.  Mostly women, some not.  Not everyone who struggles in a relationship, because that’s everyone, but those who have special struggles.  I am not you, but I’ve seen you struggle.  I’ve seen you afraid.  You are afraid of the cut-downs, the control, even the blows.  You are afraid you can’t be … Read more

Life Update

I keep thinking that nothing is happening in my life, that it’s not worth blogging about.  But it’s the small things that make us what we are, so I’m going to post about a lot of small things. First, as an intro, I’m linking to a cool website I found the link for on a … Read more