So, I am still (kind of) doing this low-carb thing and I also made the mistake of planting 2 zucchini plants this year and am increasingly desperate both to find a way to use up zucchini and find creative ways to make tasty, easy low-carb stuff. Being that I also hate the overly-monetized recipe pages with 14 pages of useless bleaarrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhh text, I am going to start posting the experiments that kind of worked, and if you like zucchini and/or want more low-carb recipes, you might like it.

Some notes before we get started:

  • I’m not going to give you nutrition stats. I’m too lazy. But in general, things will be pretty low carb.
  • I’m only going to post stuff I’ve TRIED. So at least *I* think it’s tasty enough to share!
  • I won’t use a lot of substitutes (like fake flour or fake sugar or whatever). Because I’ve found that I have more bad side-effects when I use them than when I don’t.
  • I don’t always measure things. In fact, unless I’m baking, I RARELY measure things. So if I give measurements, know that they are a guesstimate.
  • I love garlic. Pretty much everything is gonna have garlic in it. You have been warned.
  • I don’t do food pictures. Food is not for looking at. Food is for eating. Also, my kitchen is not for looking at, and that was also a deciding factor.

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