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OK, I don’t know what’s up, maybe it’s because it’s Spring, but I’ve joined three social networks in the course of a week. sparkpeople, facebook, and imeem. It really makes me wonder about today’s kids, with all this shallow socializing on these huge specialized networks! Imeem seems great for music and sparkpeople is interesting for health and facebook is just…well, facebook — but if this is the way people socialize today, I’m really feeling old! How do you keep up with it? How do you resolve and determine REAL friendships? Or do you just use the online to supplement?

2 thoughts on “Social the Networks”

  1. I don’t know. All I know is it looks through my email address book and finds people I know/am related to, and then once I connect to them I look at their contacts to find MORE people I’m related to/know, and then there’s this compulsion to mark them all as your friends and post little things on each others’ walls. And suddenly I’m easily in contact with like 3 times as many people as I saw before, and it’s so much easier to make little notes to each other, that suddenly I feel more connected than before. i dunno. it’s weird.


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