I’m not generally much of a person for online social networks. I mean, I belong to a few, but I just don’t get INTO them. I think I’m too old. :b But my sister pointed one out to me yesterday that I thought might be helpful, so I joined it. We’ll see how it works out.

For those who have never met me in person, I have to confess: I am very fat. VERY fat. I have a metabolic disorder which has ALWAYS made it difficult to lose weight, but over the last 10 years a few bouts with serious illness have pushed me over the edge from overweight to very obese and it has been very discouraging. It makes me tired, aggravates my depression, aggravates my genetic predisposition to insulin resistance, makes it hard to move around, etc., etc. Until you’ve actually been this fat you have no idea how hellish it is. With the depression it is even harder to fight than it used to be, so most of me has just sort of given up. And I find normal diet and health plans to be such a huge amount of bother and effort and so full of chipper, happy, gung-ho people that they just make me want to run away. So I’m afraid of trying this, but I’m going to try it anyway. Not anything high-falutin’, just trying to exercise more and eat a little less and eat a little healthier. Just being more aware, not calorie-counting. Hopefully it will make a difference. We’ll see. I really don’t want to get gastric bypass surgery. If you want to try the site out for yourself, say hi to me there — my username is mouriana.

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