The Lie of Education

For those that know me, they know I love education.  I love it mostly because I am good at it, but also because I find it fun and, for many reasons, useful. However. There is a misperception in this country, to the point of being a lie, about education.  And that is that a traditional … Read more

Learning and self-perception

I was in a panic this week.  Anxiety attacks, worry, worry, worry.  I had a linguistics test, 100 questions, and the material is HARD.  Oh, how I worried.  I also studied though.  You can’t JUST worry, that’s not productive.  So I studied, and made flash cards, and highlighted, and read, and studied.  Finally test day … Read more

Going back to school

Well I finally did it. I submitted an application to Boise State to earn a 2nd bachelor’s — this time in English, with a writing emphasis. I’m terribly excited about it. And a little bit scared. But school is where I was last truly happy, and I at least USED to be good at it, … Read more

A Funny Old Story…

A friend reminded me that I also have some good old stories I can tell on here so I figure I would regale you with some of my college exploits. Since that’s the only time I ever really did anything interesting anyway. 😉 Anyway, it was a Friday night and I was studying and making … Read more