Q&A on Things I Know: Part I

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about a lot of the arguments I’ve seen for and against many of the things I believe or know to be true.  And one of the thoughts I had about it was that I should put some of the things I’ve learned out there, partially just because it helps … Read more

What ifs

I woke up early (toooooo early) this morning with a sudden and intense case of the what ifs.  What if I were younger than my husband?  What if my dad had finished grad school?  What if OU had had a good creative writing program?  What if I had more confidence in myself?  What if my … Read more


I’m struggling with an important aspect of my novel.  I had a good workshop in class on chapter 4 yesterday and this didn’t even come up, but it’s something that I need to address.  I need to give my primary protagonist a flaw.  I’ve never liked flaws.  Crud, I’m a certified perfectionist, that much should … Read more

Sometimes life throws you curves

Well the new semester has started, and I’m already stressed.  I’m good at being stressed.  It’s one of my talents.  18th century English lit is neither 18th century (it’s actually 1660-1860) nor English (it’s mostly Anglo-American and British) nor lit (it’s interdisciplinary).  It’s all about the question “What is nature?”  Which left me with a … Read more

Birthday Joy

Sorry so long no post.  I been bizzy.  School this semester has been an interesting mix — an absolutely wonderful, inspiring writing class that makes me want to rewrite my whole book to perfection, and a frustrating, expensive, but soon-to-be obsessive book arts class.  I’m not up to a level of functionality to adequately tackle … Read more

God is GREAT

      Sunday for my birthday my husband got me speakers/dock for my iPod touch which he got for me last Christmas. In my excitement, I wanted to show my friend and neighbor today, so I brought them to her house and we were listening to music. I was really stupid and though we were in … Read more

Happy Quote

Happiness is a thing to be practiced, like the violin. — John Lubbock This quote has become one of my main life mottoes. As regular readers and those who know me already know, I suffer from chronic depression. However, in general, I think I have a much better attitude than I did 10, 15, 20 … Read more