The Ecosystem of Society

My husband listened to a Freakonomics podcast today and was talking to me about it.  In it, there was a woman who had taught at Princeton and then went to work for Hillary Clinton when she was Secretary of State.  But then her teenaged son, who was with her family back in Princeton, really started … Read more

Birthday Joy

Sorry so long no post.  I been bizzy.  School this semester has been an interesting mix — an absolutely wonderful, inspiring writing class that makes me want to rewrite my whole book to perfection, and a frustrating, expensive, but soon-to-be obsessive book arts class.  I’m not up to a level of functionality to adequately tackle … Read more

The 3 Aspects of Fighting Depression

I had a good talk with my counselor last week.  We were talking about fighting depression and how you need to maintain a balanced battle against its evil.  It’s a balancing act, but with diligence and hard work, you can really make progress against depression. First, there’s the physical battle.  Medication, sleep, exercise, diet.  This … Read more

Planning a Good Family Reunion

I LOVE planning family reunions.  Partially because I love going on vacations.  Partially because I love being with my family.  Partially because I’m a nerd.  So I’ve planned a few, and am currently planning a couple more, and I’ve learned a few things that I figure I could share. There’s a few things to consider … Read more

I am grateful

For lots of things this Thanksgiving day.  Right now I’m listening to music, and I am not only grateful for music but I’m grateful for how easy it is to find great music on the internet these days.  Remember when you had to listen to the radio or be shown something by friends to find … Read more

The best birthday party EVER

Today is my fortieth birthday.  I decided, esp. after talking to people, that I had to party otherwise I would just sit around and sulk and feel old.  So I reserved the church and invited everyone that I knew and ordered 2 big cakes (a chocolate mousse one from Costco and a raspberry cheesecake ice … Read more

The Chaos Factor

I’m down in Oklahoma for a few days for my sister’s wedding and to visit my family. It’s hot and humid (heat index of 115 yesterday!) and I’m consistently lost even though I grew up here, but I’m having fun. Mostly. One thing I don’t like about being around my family is the chaos factor. … Read more