This is embarrassing (and yet I’m telling it to the world on my blog wheeeee) but some of my church friends came by today and helped me clean my house.  With depression, school and barbershop lately it has just gotten out of control and I REALLY needed the help.  This made me think about a … Read more

The best birthday party EVER

Today is my fortieth birthday.  I decided, esp. after talking to people, that I had to party otherwise I would just sit around and sulk and feel old.  So I reserved the church and invited everyone that I knew and ordered 2 big cakes (a chocolate mousse one from Costco and a raspberry cheesecake ice … Read more


It has been an odd month. I won’t go into details about the 3 people I know whom I have found out have cancer/probable cancer. But it’s freaking me out. They are all young — one is just eleven — but it’s making me feel old and scared and very, very mortal. The thing that … Read more