The Filter of God’s Love

I posted this on Facebook first, which I need to STOP DOING because stuff I put here automagically goes to Facebook anyway.  😛  So forgive me if you’ve already read it. A scripture hit me like a brick this morning. It’s in 1st Nephi chapter 11, when the Holy Spirit is speaking to Nephi on … Read more

The Lie of Love

In the study of languages, it is well known that a concept that can be easily conveyed with one word in one language, must be conveyed with a whole phrase in another language.  It is also known that while one language may use just one word to mean a category of similar things, another language … Read more


I just watched Michael Buble’s music video for “I just haven’t met you yet.”  While it was fun, and in general I like Michael Buble, I couldn’t help but be bothered by the show’s premise and how much it reflects an idea of society of “the One” that we fall in love with.  I used … Read more