I’ve added some more music to my playlist at the bottom of this page.  Specifically, they are some ukulele covers from my cousin Stephanie Pack and they are quite good, especially considering that she just finished high school and only made the CD  for her brother for Christmas or something. I’ve been listening to music … Read more


I’m listening to music that I stole from my sister-in-law Joanne to put on my playlist below and deciding that I’d better update my blog.  Music tends to tickle my writing instinct, I don’t know why, but I’ll use any excuse I can get. School starts on Tuesday and so I’m starting to think more academically … Read more


Just checking in. The house is still pretty clean, mostly. Though I need to clean the bathrooms again. I still play World of Warcraft, though only about 30-60 minutes/day, max. Writing is slow. Have switched to a new book about the spirit world. May be interesting. May not. Depression still sucks. Haven’t been exercising enough … Read more

Music and stuff

First things first: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMO!!! Not that she reads this. But you know, it’s out there now. 🙂 Then I wanted to talk about this uber-cool website for music-type people. It’s got the typical cool stuff that any e-commerce site should have: a wishlist (that you can save and even send to other people), … Read more

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