10 Ways to Show Charity, Become a Better Person, and Feel Better About Yourself with less than 5 minutes and No Money

1. If you go to the store, don’t pick up your cart from the collection inside. Take one from someone who just unloaded it to save them the trip to the cart holder. 2. Write a letter or email to a friend or acquaintance for no reason. Get personal with it: ask them personal questions, … Read more

The Purpose of the Barbell

OK, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about exercise and suffering.  Because they go together, you know.  Anyway, I was thinking that some forms of exercise have multiple purposes.  For instance, walking can also serve to take you places, or show you pretty things.  Sports can also be competitive (if you like that sort of … Read more

Addendum to the Parable of the Talents

I was speaking with my counselor today and I brought up my take on the parable of the talents which I posted here a few months back.  He was so moved that he suggested that I submit it to the Ensign, the monthly publication of articles from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. … Read more