Why You Should Hug and Give Presents to Your Local Tech Support

Tech support is

40% detective/psychic trying to figure out what actually went/is going wrong from a user who wasn’t paying attention, doesn’t know what is important on the screen, can’t describe what they saw/see/are trying to do/did, and doesn’t have the patience to read what’s on the screen.

10% therapist dealing with anger and anxiety from users who hate and fear technology and project all blame onto the machine even if the fault isn’t the machine’s.

20% Professional Googler.

7% Robot, just rebooting/reinstalling things (though, seriously, this has improved SO MUCH over the years)

10% Educator, trying to explain basic menus, tools, troubleshooting, and basic maintenance to users who couldn’t care less.

4% Stoic, hiding their frustration regarding users who want the tech to work magic while the user refuses to listen or follow advice.

4% madman, ranting and raving over problems that seem unsolvable (which ranting may be partially fueled by the emotion suppression of the stoic).

5% actually Knowing Stuff.