Of COURSE I miss Pushing Daisies because who wouldn’t? Luckily my sweet husband just bought me the first season on Blu-Ray and hopefully I’ll get the 2nd season for Christmas or something and I can cherish them forever. On another topic, raising kids is really hard. Just thought I’d mention that.

Apologies and TV

First, I’d like to apologize for saying, “At least in the US I’ve been to a lot of states.” Because, DUH, where BUT the US will I have been to a lot of states? Next, I’ma gonna talk about TV. Don’t watch it all that much anymore, but hey, there ARE some good things. 1. … Read more

Scrapbooking and stuff

OK, first, I must disappoint with the fact that I couldn’t find any gaping plot holes in Moonlight this week. Admittedly I wasn’t paying very much attention, but siiiiiighh. I actually kind of even liked the show, though it fulfilled my lame prediction that his ex-wife was going to come back and cause trouble somehow. … Read more

Another plot hole or two

Man, this Moonlight show is just a plethora of plot holes! I love it! It gives me something to blog about like EVERY WEEK. Ok, this week’s main plot was irritatingly contradictory. Two weeks ago the rule was established that the way you are ‘turned’ into a vampire is by drinking a vampire’s blood. Well … Read more