Ahhh, nostalgia

I’m in Norman, Oklahoma right now, preparing for my 20th college reunion.  The town has changed.  The institute has changed.  I’m sure some of the people have changed too.  But there is just enough the same that it’s bringing back a flood of happy memories.  This is where I gained my testimony of Christ.  This is where I learned that I am lovable.  This is where I learned to love and serve others.  This is … my birthplace.  Oh, how I loved the dorms, and the institute, and that little apartment on Cruce St. that is no longer there.  This is where I gained some of the best friends a person could ever have, whom I am overly excited at seeing again tomorrow.  I know that God sent me here 24 years ago and I can only hope that everyone gets a chance to have such a wonderful eye-opening experience sometime in their life.  Age brings with it perspective, though, and I know those years weren’t perfect and I wasn’t perfect (still am not).  But they were a delight.

Now if only my nostalgia didn’t translate into buying too much OU gear….

2 thoughts on “Ahhh, nostalgia”

  1. The apartment on Cruce Street isn't there anymore?? I've been by some of the other stuff, but hadn't been down Cruce in years. Guess I shouldn't be surprised, but still. Strange how time pretty much ensures that things will change…


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