Back to school

I tried to post something about this earlier this week and it errored out.  So let’s try this again.

I started school for my 2nd bachelor’s at BSU this week.   It’s quite terrifying.  I only have two classes, nonfiction writing and technical communication, and I’m very nervous.  I’ve felt DEAD for so long that I rather feel like a zombie, plugging into some huge electrical contraption trying to reanimate myself.  I don’t remember how to act or think or do.  It makes me a little angry actually — I’ve had too many jobs that actually punished me for independent, critical thinking until I became deathly afraid to be that way anymore.  Now I need to use that part of my brain again and it’s very difficult to reanimate.  I’m so glad I have a good husband who worked hard to get his degree and support dysfunctional me while I relearn how to write so that maybe I can make some money later, doing what I want to do. 

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