Broken Ankle wah wah wah

I broke my ankle last Thursday.  Slipped on the ice at my brother’s house.  Now, I’ve had injuries and been laid up before.  My 2nd & 3rd degree burned legs and my peritonitis surgery hurt MUCH worse.  But this is a huge pain in the tush.  Mostly because I am soooooooo overweight.  I think inconvenience=lack of mobility x time – pain.  Because when you’re in a great deal of pain, you don’t notice as much that you can’t do stuff.  For instance, I couldn’t really walk when I burned my legs, either.  Couldn’t even lower them because it would cause the legs to instantly swell and pull the burned skin, causing excruciating pain.  But a) I wasn’t so overweight, b) it didn’t last as long as this probably will, and c) it hurt so badly that I didn’t notice I was immobile.  Plus it was probably affected by the fact that I technically could put both feet on the ground, even though it hurt terribly.  

Luckily my Mom is here right now to help watch my brother’s kids (which is the reason I came down in the first place) and Jake is driving down Friday to pick me up since I can’t drive.  And I’m getting used to it.  It’s just annoying.  
So if anyone wants to come visit me while I’m in Utah or while I’m laid up in Idaho, give me a call!  I’m so bored!

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