Catchup (no not ketchup)

We had a GREAT time in Canada last week for our anniversary trip. Totally gorgeous! This week I started out Monday with a job interview that immediately turned into a job. I’m now an administrative assistant for Kuna Counseling Center, which is a bit wild and disjointed but not bad. It’s the closest thing I’ve had to using my degree since I graduated in ’92. 🙂 The people there are really nice and the schedule is very flexible; they have given me all the time I need off for the summer which is most awesome. It’s still a bit nerve-wracking for psychologically wimpy ol’ me, but it’s good mental exercise. Jake gave me a blessing the other day and since then the Lord has been helping me a lot.
With the income from that and the savings we have from refinancing our house, we have been spending a bit much lately. We bought a 2007 Toyota Prius (which we LOVE), are replacing my dead laptop, and upgrading our satellite to HD. Can I just say that I am excited? Whee! I love spending money! Bad me! But with the refinance we are COMPLETELY out of credit card debt! Now that IS something to cheer about! Hooray!

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