Drumroll please…..

I got my grades for the semester…and they are….straight As!  Well, an A and an A-, but I can live with that (ok the A- bugs me a little.  Especially because they dock my G.P.A. for it, but they don’t bonus my G.P.A. for the A+ I got last semester!  Gypped!).  I thought for sure I would be getting a B in Book Arts but all my hard work paid off!  Hooray!

I’m already rewarding myself too much.  We’ve given into pressure (“Did you lose your little 32″ TV yet?  Something so little is bound to get lost.”) to buy a bigger TV so we found a super good deal on Amazon and bought a 60″ 3D plasma.  I’m waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay excited about it.  Even though I don’t watch that much TV. 

I’m also super excited because my brother Justin and his family are moving to Utah!  They’ve lived in Minnesota for years and years and I’ve never got to go see them, so I’m super stoked they are going to be so close now!  YAY!  More nephews and a niece to spoil and people to visit!  Eeee!

There was something else I wanted to say but I forgot what it was.  Dangit.  Everybody out there have a merry Christmas!

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