Fred is my kitty.  I love him very much.  We’ve had him since he was a kitten 12 years ago.  About a month ago he started getting sick.  Cats get sick sometimes, so we didn’t call the vet for a week.  He had a fever and vomiting and bloody diarrhea so when the vet came he put him on antibiotics.  But Fred didn’t get better.  We’ve tried special foods and more antibiotics, but nothing seems to help.  The vet thinks it may be lymphoma so he is doing an exploratory surgery tomorrow, and if it is lymphoma we will probably put him to sleep without waiting for him to wake up from surgery.  I am unbelievably sad about this.  Fred is MY kitty.  He’s not supposed to die yet.  But sometimes God has other plans.  Please pray for us and for Fred. 

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