Just a status update

Since I’ve been so silent lately, I thought I would give everyone a status update.
1. Looking for work in the Boise area. If you know about any support or administrative -type computer work in the Boise area, please let me know!
2. Still lazy around the house. Please don’t let this affect item #1. πŸ™‚
3. Setup a PHPbb for a friend of mine this weekend. Man, that is some NICE stuff! Very easy to setup and pretty feature-rich. Now I want to setup forums for everything. πŸ™‚
4. Wondering if I am going to be sending out Christmas cards this year. With a letter and everything. Don’t know what I’d say. See item #2. πŸ™‚
5. Am planning 2 family reunions for the next 2 summers. Lots of work but lots of fun. Makes me wonder if I should go into planning these types of things professionally.

Anyway, love yas, don’t forget to write, and I’ll see everyone around eventually!

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  1. Jake and Dyany, (BUMS!)
    Hey I thought I would drop you a line. I wasn’t sure of your info so I’m sending this through the your blog. My bishop is looking for someone to update and maintain his website. I thought of you first. Do you guys still do that sort of stuff? He owns an industrial vacuum pump remanufacturing business. The website is http://www.beachpump.net. His name is Lorne Beach and his number is 360.577.8070. You can also call me at (H)360.578.7664 or(C)360.713.3836. Check it out and let me know. Thanks, it will be good to talk to you guys. Talk to ya later.

    Blaine A. Pace (professormudd@gmail.com)


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