Life Update

I keep thinking that nothing is happening in my life, that it’s not worth blogging about.  But it’s the small things that make us what we are, so I’m going to post about a lot of small things.

First, as an intro, I’m linking to a cool website I found the link for on a friend’s blog.  Drops of Awesome.  It explains a lot of what I’ve learned about the Atonement and while dealing with the depression.  Now for some of my own drops of awesome.

First, and most importantly, the depression has been doing much better the last few months.  I haven’t had a bad depressive episode in months.  I still struggle with getting things done, but even that is getting slowly better, as I exercise those mental muscles.  Along those lines are little drops of awesome that I have done, not completely, not consistently, but some.  Which is better than nothing.

I have been writing.  I’ve finished a whole ‘nother chapter of my book even! 
My cousin Jordan has moved in with us.  Hopefully we can help each other.  He has already helped me get out and exercise a few times.  This is good.
Class has started.  It’s a Women’s Rhetoric class this time, which has been intimidating (I’m not used to rhetoric at ALL), but I keep on plugging at it and I think things will be okay.  It’s odd that I have an easier time reading literature, which can be veiled, than rhetoric, which is designed to persuade and inform.
Jake and I are serving in Primary now, teaching the 5 year olds.  So far it’s pretty fun and just challenging enough.  

Things are good.  Things are progressing. 

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