Money again

It’s all about the money, ain’t it? But I guess a lot of it is about what makes us happy, too. So lately I’ve been trying to figure out what makes me happy. And I sure like messing around in the kitchen, so I’ve signed up to start selling Pampered Chef. I love kitchen gadgets, I love people, and I wouldn’t mind a little extra cash, too. I think I even like kitchen gadgets and cooking more than I like computers. Gee whillikers!

And while I’m on the subject — we have a pre-construction meeting with a builder next week on a local 1/2 acre lot. I’m not sure it’s in our price range, but heaven knows it would be a good investment! Especially if I can build a good enough kitchen to do awesome little kitchen shows. Our realtor has been great so far; I just hope we can build something in our budget that we can work with. Anyone know a really good lender?

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