Music — Christmas and otherwise

I have rediscovered music. Through imeem and emusic I have been introduced to some new artists and sounds and it has made a huge difference in my life. It’s amazing how much music inspires and lifts me. Sometimes I hear a song and whole scenes of books come to me, I just wish I could put it to paper with the strength and clarity that the image comes. It touches through the thick protective shell I have around myself and brings up parts of me I thought long dead. It’s a marvelous thing.

Christmas music brings the spirit of the season to me especially strongly; I am so glad that we have the tradition of buying a new Christmas album every year. I highly recommend that tradition to everyone. The Sarah McLachlan Wintersong CD is especially nice. I’m listening to it right now.

Find the people you love and tell them you love them. Every day. It’s so fleeting.

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