My Brother is Cool

Or weird. Take your pick. He is a genius of ancient history and languages, and he’s also rather…unique. So for fun he translated some Britney Spears into Latin. He’s looking into translating them into Akkadian as well but he says he doesn’t have the grammar skills. Not that any of the rest of us would know the difference. 🙂 So even though I don’t particularly care for Britney Spears, I gotta share this with all y’all.

Oops Id Egi Iterum
sic sic sic sic sic sic
sic sic sic sic sic sic
Puto me id egisse iterum
Feci te credere nos plus solis amicis
O infans
Id vel videtur similis dementia
sed hic non vellet dicere meam esse gravem
quod amittere omnes meos senss
Ille prorsus est solitus mei
O, Infans, infans

oops, id egi iterum
Lusi cum tuo corde, Amisa sum in ludo
O infans, infans
oops putas me in amore esse
esse missam desuper
non sum innocentissima

Vide, mea difficultas est haec
ego solum somnio
cupio heroes vere esse.
Fleo, videntibus diebus
Poresne videre me stultum in multis modis
sed amittere omnes meos sensus
Ille prorsus est solitus mei

Repeat chorus

“Omnes conscendete”
“Brittania, Ante is, desidero te quidam habere”
“o, est pulchrum, sed exspecto prominuto, nonne hac…?”
“Ita, ita est”
“sed putavi anum id in oceanum in fine iecisse.”
“Infans, ivi deorsum et cepi tibi”
“O, tu egise non debes.”

Oops Id ego iterum cordi tuo
amissa sum hoc ludo, o infans
oops tu putas me desuper missam esse
non sum innocentissima

Repeat chorus twice

3 thoughts on “My Brother is Cool”

  1. Yeah, that’s the one. I just…well this is sad but I didn’t want to actually type out the real name. I felt I would have to wash my fingers off with soap. Oh wait….


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