Sins v. Sinners

I am, in general, considered to be a nice person.

I say please and thank you, volunteer at hospitals, will watch friends’ children for free, and even occasionally remember birthdays. I’m not perfect, of course, but in general, I’m not too bad.

However, I am also very opinionated. I have pretty strong opinions on a lot of things, and unfortunately, if you’re strongly opinionated FOR something, you usually have to take a stance AGAINST something else. And I am here, gabbing away, for my own benefit. Because I want to rant about something. Get it out in the open. I’ve always been a ranter, and I’ve finally decided to take this opportunity to rant publically but not so forcefully that I’m a boor at cocktail parties.

So I want to get something straight. This is not a personal thing. If I say I don’t like some activity or lifestyle choice that you happen to like, I am not saying that I don’t like YOU. Everyone does things that are unlikable, including myself. It doesn’t mean I don’t like the person, but that doesn’t mean I have to like the act or choice, either. So many of us get so caught up in defining ourselves with something that we do that we defend that activity like it’s suddenly an act of self-preservation. This, too, I understand. When people ignorantly attack my religion, for instance, I feel my hackles rise.

So if you feel I have ignorantly attacked something that is precious to you, post a comment to it. But please, leave out the emotional rhetoric and present facts and legitimate sources. I am not easily emotionally swayed and if there are facts supporting both sides, I will probably not change my mind. But if I am honestly in the dark, I will admit it when I was wrong. And in the meantime, try not to be offended. If you can’t help but be offended, you don’t have to read this blog. Ain’t freedom great?

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