My very good friend Wes Jones died last week.  I won’t get into the how, because it doesn’t matter, and I don’t know the why, but there is a hole in me now, a hole where people who originally called me “Eeny Meenie Dyany Moe” used to be.  It’s the end of much of what was good and precious to me those many years ago and I will miss him tremendously.  One of my favorite memories of college was the night Wes came back from California.  He had developed a bad habit of calling around midnight (because it was 2 hours earlier in California) and waking us up.  Well this night was no exception.  I still delighted in his calls, but this night was later and he was acting weirder than usual.  5 minutes later I found out why when the door buzzer began going off incessantly.  He had come back and surprised us!  And I felt so special because I was his first stop.
The last few years his health had really deteriorated, though.  He was frustrated by it.  So I am so glad of the gift of the resurrection and the promise we have that we will see him again.  I am so grateful for Christ’s atonement.
So until we meet again, dear friend.  Love you.  Save me a seat.

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