Why you don’t get a Christmas present from us this year

OK, in case you didn’t know, we have cats.  Because we can’t have kids, these cats are very dear to us.  Unfortunately, though, they are not insured.  We have a discount program with our vet (my uncle David Ormond), but that’s the best we do.  Usually it’s not too bad.  However, while we were gone for Thanksgiving, our cat Squeaker got in a fight with some other cat and by the time we got home it was abscessed.  So, some knocking out, head-shaving, stitches, antibiotics, over $500 and a very mad kitty later, we thought he was going to be better.  But no, he didn’t like those stitches, so he pulled them out and got another abscess that was so bad that it swelled his right eye shut.  I think he’s taking revenge on us for not getting him a Christmas present.  So Dave came out again and had to do even more cleanup on the poor kitty and THIS time he got a collar (aka ‘cone of shame’) to keep him away from the stitches and he’s not allowed outside.  Multiple antibiotic visits because he won’t take medicine orally (not even when mixed with treats) and over $700 this time.  He’s even more mad at us and he’s not pretty, as you can see.  But he should heal this time.  The other cats have mixed reactions to him — mostly variations of fear.  Wouldn’t you if a kitty came up to you looking like this?  We’ll have to pay it off with our tax return — which will also be going for cleaning the cats’ teeth.  Sigh.  The things we do for love. 

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