I was just working on my genealogy file in PAF and discovered that you can plug in 2 names of anyone in your file and find out how they are related. Especially cool because I can’t remember what all those genealogical terms mean anyway. 🙂 But I found that Jake and I are 9th cousins! Ironically through the same ancestors through which my parents are also 9th cousins, once removed. Weird. No wonder our gene pool is getting all funky. 🙂

Later when I am not so lazy and I have merged a few hundred more duplicate names (currently my GEDCOM file has over 22000 names and I would guess at least 5000 are duplicates. I’ve only merged about 780 so far.) I will post the files here for the world to see and mock me about how I can’t keep a decent GEDCOM file. :b

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