Mad Props for the Anxious Life

More and more changes are upon us! Last week on a whim I applied for a job at the local library. It’s walking distance, I LOVE libraries, and I wouldn’t mind a little extra spending money. Yesterday I interviewed with them and surprised myself by saying that the biggest asset I will bring to the library is my ‘stunning good looks.’ When I told my dad about that he was mortally embarrassed. 🙂 At any rate, they called my references this morning and then offered me the job! I’m so excited and scared that I can hardly contain myself! I start tomorrow as an information clerk, so if you’re in Kuna and want to really bother me, then come by and ask questions such as the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow. Because that’s what I’m there for.

And speaking of the haps (okay okay I’ll stop trying to speak all modern already), we sold our old house! We accepted an offer on it yesterday from a young couple that I assume is very nice and we close at the end of February. We were getting 3 showings a day there at the end, which just makes me happy. I’ll miss many things about the old place, including my roses and my drip irrigation system and the fact that it’s in a cul-de-sac, but I love our new place too.

3 thoughts on “Mad Props for the Anxious Life”

  1. So is the library walking distance from the new place or the old place?

    Congrats on the job. That sounds like it would be fun. Way to be brave enough to answer like that in your interview too. That rocks!

    African or European?

  2. It’s great to know you haven’t changed! Good luck with the new job and the new house. I got your blog address from Katie. You’ll have to check out my blog It’s not as entertaining as yours but I’ll work on that. Next time your in Sooner Country come visit us!


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