Fambly reunion

Note who looks happy in this photo.

This is my nephew Isaac flying a kite.

We played games till the wee hours of the morning….

My niece Allison is such a great tea hostess!

3 kites! Can you see them all?

Another game. Please note, we didn’t pose. These are actual photos of how my family really acts.

We had a family reunion in Oklahoma for the holidays. It was a lot of fun, though my family is a little…ahem….WEIRD.

This is my nephew Ammon. I have decided that he is one of the cutest babies EVAR. He is being held by my sister Brittany.

2 thoughts on “Fambly reunion”

  1. Hey Dyany … good to see pictures of everybody. Good luck with your kitchen show. Hope all else is well … I have a new once-removed cousin, it sounds like? Well, I probably have more new once-removed cousins than that; I didn’t make it to the Utah family reunion to keep track. Say hi to everybody. –mark

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