My new office

Remember that bit about me, about my being lazy? Well a good example of this is our office. We moved into this house in December of 1999, with an office that we decided to leave unfinished to save a few bucks. The office quickly filled up with analog (paper) and digital information and I found it too much just to keep the dang place organized, let alone finish it. Needless to say, this sure made it hard when it came to my current job, where I work from home.
Well, NO MORE. This weekend my Mom and sister were in town and my in-laws came over for the culmination of months of real planning and supply-purchasing. We removed everything, cleaned up the subfloor and walls, then painted (a nice eggshell in a very pale sage green), put in maple laminate flooring, replaced my old desk with a nice new one, and I am currently sitting in such a nice, organized, color-coordinated workstation that I hardly know how to get anything done. 🙂 We haven’t put everything back yet — not even close, actually — but the layout changes are already such a huge improvement that I don’t know how I was able to stand it for 5 and a half years in such a dump. And considering that with the paint, painting supplies, flooring, new desk and new organization doo-dads we spent only about $400 total…well, I don’t think we did badly at all.

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