oh farfignewton.

Yes, that’s a made-up swear word. Do you like it?

At any rate, more re: that last post. 1) The book is a type of fantasy with religious themes, set in a place not unlike 18th century England. 2) I actually know quite a lot about copyright law as well, and I know that as soon as I post my story online, preferably with a ‘copyright Dyany Munson 2006’, that it is mine by right. However, I also know that it is easy to steal ideas and skirt around copyright law, particularly online for someone as small-time and slow to write as I am, so I am hesitant to post online. It is said amongst writers that is generally a good idea to not even allow other writers to read your work before it is published, so I shall remain my careful self.

So, how many made-up swear words have YOU used lately?

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