Genealogy, I am doing it

And as proof, I submit this . If you have trouble reading it, it’s probably because I just uploaded the files and haven’t cleaned it up yet, or that the background image is too dark (in which case, highlight the text and you can read it better).
Genealogy is addictive and frustrating. I have about 60,000 names in my file, which I have received from various relatives and linked up, but only about 9,000 names in the file I have uploaded. Why, you ask? Well as near as I can figure, most of the names in my file are just…there. Sitting. Not connected to my actual ancestral line. Don’t ask me why. I have spent the last few months trying to clean up my file, but the best I’ve gotten done is merging a few hundred duplicates and updating some ordinance information so far. So if you want to know where I found the information on so-and-so, I’ll tell you what I tell everyone else that e-mails me: I don’t know. I haven’t gotten to the verification stage yet, and none of my relatives have been kind enough to include source data on what they have given me.
Otherwise, if you have information on any of the names I just uploaded, PLEASE post a comment on it! I would love to get some verification information on any of this! Thanks!

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  1. Hello 10th Cousin, Twice removed.

    That would explain why you never received a Christmas card from me.

    I connect to you on the MOSELEY line.


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