A Gripe

I’m a little ticked right now.  Not for me, but for my brother Joey.  Last year he planned a much-anticipated trip to Italy.  Because he was going in peak season, the plane tickets were $1300 (!).  But due to unforeseen circumstances, Joey couldn’t go last year as planned.  He contacted Expedia, from whom he had bought the tickets, and they charged him another $100 to change the tickets and said he had 1 year to re-book the trip.  So he planned and planned for this year, and my brother Tony was going to go with him, but when he went to book the trip, Expedia said he had to contact American Airlines because the tickets were through them.  When he contacted American Airlines, they said he had had 1 year to TAKE the trip, not BOOK the trip like Expedia had said, which year ended in 1 day, so he basically lost $1400.  What kind of crap is that?  What kind of customer service does that to someone, especially for something so expensive?!  So I’m ticked, and I’ll never book with Expedia or American Airlines. 

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  1. Travelocity or directly with southwest or delta or something like that. Boycotting American is easy where I live, they don't fly there. That's why I posted on my blog — maybe we can make a difference with these greedy airlines.


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