We are currently in Salt Lake attending a conference for Families Supporting Adoption. It has been quite inspirational to me. So I’m going to use this opportunity to reach out to all of you (ok, like all 4 of you or so) to help us with our adoption process. The best way to find resources is to network, so that’s what I’m trying to do.

So, first, if you know a young lady (or older lady, I don’t care) who is pregnant and single and doesn’t know what to do, please send her to this site . It’s a great, unbiased source of help and counseling to help her through this difficult time. If she is interested, she can check out our profile by clicking on ‘Search Adoption Profiles’ on the left and putting JakeAndDyany (no spaces and it’s case sensitive) in the adoptive profile name and clicking ‘view profile’. The more you can get the word out about this site, the more it could help us. If she wants to contact us directly, she can send us an e-mail at munsonadoption(at)

The other thing is something that is hard to ask. Adoption is really expensive. We have been saving for years, but we still only have a couple of thousand saved up and we need thousands more. If any of my friends and family are interested in helping us out financially with this project, please send us an e-mail to the above mentioned address.

Thanks for your time and attention and we hope to hear from you soon!

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  1. you know who 😀 like always. um don’t know if i could help out with the money but if i find someone pregnant and don’t know what to do i’ll let ya know. make sure you tell me what her
    name is. know you will be a great mom


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