Apologies and TV

First, I’d like to apologize for saying, “At least in the US I’ve been to a lot of states.” Because, DUH, where BUT the US will I have been to a lot of states?

Next, I’ma gonna talk about TV. Don’t watch it all that much anymore, but hey, there ARE some good things.

1. The Mentalist. Really like it, esp. the main guy. It’s just fun to watch the interactions between the characters.
2. Castle. Liked it okay last season, this season I LOVE it. And not just for my crush on Nathan Fillion. It’s just plain fun to watch, and funny. It’s hard to find original crimes in these shows these days — and this one is really no exception to that rule — but if you can give me another good gimmick, that’s good enough.
3. Chuck. Apparently not coming back until March, which is just plain cruel, but it IS coming back. Yes, Chuck is my other tele-crush.
4. House. I was almost over watching this, but this season they pulled me back in with the mental health angle. The depictions of the repercussions of mental illness, and the depiction of the mental health industry, were spot-on according to my experience. We need to get rid of the stigma of not only mental illness in our society but the stigma of the medications and personnel equipped to HELP us through mental illness. I’m still watching with trepidation, but so far so good.
5. Everything else. I watch a few other things, but not much worth mentioning, really. You’ll have to tell me if there are any new shows that are outstandingly fun to watch.

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  1. I forgive you I am the queen of redundant. also I like LOST. it is a bit slow and I used to think only weirdos watch it, but Andy convinced me to borrow some of the seasons from someone, and now I am hooked, also it is nice to hear that a show got it right on meantal health issues. I wish people more willing to sepearte the people from the things they say/do that are irrational when they are sick.

    and mostly I wish people were more willing to get help I have seen what meds. and councelling can do. it is nothing short of a miracle.


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