Birthday Joy

Sorry so long no post.  I been bizzy.  School this semester has been an interesting mix — an absolutely wonderful, inspiring writing class that makes me want to rewrite my whole book to perfection, and a frustrating, expensive, but soon-to-be obsessive book arts class.  I’m not up to a level of functionality to adequately tackle these things the way I want to.  But feeling motivated is nice!

But on the title subject — my family has gone together to buy me a Kindle Fire for my birthday and I am way excited!  It doesn’t come out for another month and a half, but I think it’ll be awesome.  I haven’t been taking tablets seriously because they just seem so expensive, but this seems much more practically priced.  It’s just gonna be nice and I’m excited.

In the meantime, it’s conference weekend and so far at least 2 of the talks have been just for me.  It’s been wonderful.  You can check out the talks at and doing a search for General Conference.

Have fun!

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