Looks like I’m gonna be blogging more for the summer.  It’s good practice for writing, I suppose.  Maybe I should put more thought and effort into my blog posts?  Nah…..

Anyway, I talked to my Relief Society president today about starting a canning group and I ordered a cherry pitter because for some reason I’m way excited about cherry season coming up later this month.  I have a ton of canning stuff, and I even have unopened flats of empty jars in the garage from past years of getting excited about canning.  Plus, I have a TON of canning recipes — 2 books in the house, but also a ton in e-mail because I used to belong to a yahoo! mailing group called Creative Canning Cuisine (CCC) that was all about safe (i.e. FDA approved) canning recipes.  It was a pretty awesome group, just too much e-mail.  Anyway, so I’m excited about people coming to my house and canning.  Cherries.  And cherry pie filling.  And cherry almond jam.  Mmmm.  

Oh, did I mention I’m on a diet?  😛   No wonder I can’t stop thinking about cherry pie. 

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  1. Sure thing, Cairlissa! We probably won't start till the end of the month because that's when the cherries will be ripe but I'll let you know for sure!


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