I have decided that my family is big. I have over 60 first cousins. On just my Mom’s side. That is with no divorces and no 2nd marriages so no step-cousins or half-cousins or anything else to make it confusing. If you want to get confusing, my Grandma on that side remarried after my Grandpa died, and I could add in a couple dozen step cousins but I don’t know any of them so I ain’t countin’ ’em! On my Dad’s side, it’s a little more tame…I think I only have 16 cousins on that side (again, no divorces or things like that). So my first question to you is: can you top 76 first cousins without counting any step cousins? My second question is: how weird is it that there are no divorces out of 13 aunts and uncles and only 1 divorce out of 76 first cousins? WEIRD I tell you!

And people wonder why I can’t keep all their dang names straight. grumble mumble……

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  1. What’s up cousin?
    I was perusing our latest family phone book from last reunion and, don’t forget, I think you now have 20 cousins once-removed on your dad’s side; you know, cousins’ kids. Second cousins? Anyway, I have more cousins than you on my dad’s side because you and Tony, Joey & Co. are my cousins; but on my mom’s side I only have … 5.


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