Crash and Burn

Yesterday I was wondering about the appropriateness of riding my new bike on Sunday while keeping the Sabbath day holy. My sister said that for some people, a leisurely bike ride would be fine, but for me it’s exercise, and therefore work, so I shouldn’t do it. Well, she was right. I’m still wobbly on the darn thing, so while trying to avoid going off of the trail last night I went off the trail and rolled down the hill and ended up near the creek with my bike on top of me. I have PLENTY of scrapes and bruises, but nothing was deeply hurt but my pride. And my basket got pretty bent up. 🙁 Oh, and my front wheel went skeewampus, but we were able to kick that back into shape. And I cracked the visor on my helmet. But I didn’t hurt my sunglasses or bike frame at all. Scared Jake pretty badly though. 🙂 Didn’t cause any anxiety attacks, though, and that’s good.

I’m trying so hard to be good and brave. I did the polar bear dunk at our family reunion in McCall (brrrrr) and learned how to drive a boat (thanks Alma!) and I’m trying to be good on my bike but it’s so hard! I hope it’s better for me than that crash!

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