Interesting few months ahead

Well, at least they are interesting for me.

I get to start out by having a hysterectomy on valiumtimes day. Because nothing says ‘I love you’ like having your reproductive organs removed.

Then I get a month or two off. Then my brother gets married in Hawaii in June. Then we have a family reunion in Missouri the first week of July. Then my sister gets married in Utah the third week of July. Hooray, but man! So much going on! Everybody say YAY for weddings!

4 thoughts on “Interesting few months ahead”

  1. Are you sure a hysterectomy is needed? That’s a dangerous, painful procedure with lifelong implications. If your health issue is PCOS or endometriosis, a simple 20-minute outpatient procedure known as an endometrial ablation may be all that’s needed. Ablation removes the uterine lining without the uterus itself. You’re under local anesthetic rather than general, and don’t even need much of that. You literally can drive yourself home afterward. Johnson and Johnson makes the equipment for it. Check it out– most hysterectomies nowadays are not needed.

  2. Well the hysterectomy wasn’t absolutely necessary, but it was the cleanest option under the circumstances. My doctor and I discussed ablation and it would not affect my high chances of uterine cancer, so we decided against it. But more comments on this with my next entry.

  3. I’m late checking on this, but I’m glad to hear that you *are* recovering. I love your little Valentine’s day slogan there…”nothing says I love you like…” Well, it won’t be as funny if I say it. Hang in there, Dy! We love you!


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