LDS General Conference

Today was General Conference day. For those of you who are not LDS, that is one of the weekends that comes twice a year when our worldwide leadership speaks to us, including the living prophet of our living God. It’s a wonderful thing and I love to watch and listen to it.

Today’s sessions seemed to focus a lot on parenthood and raising righteous children, and it really hit home for me. We’ve really been struggling with raising our nephew, because his upbringing was spotty at best, and dealing with him through my depression is really a challenge. I feel really guilty for not being able to deal with him better and help him more. But I got something else from the conference — hope. Heavenly Father will help me overcome my depression and do my best with my nephew and do the things I need to do as long as I try my best. And that’s far better than any pseudo-hope that any presidential candidate can promise.

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