I just watched Michael Buble’s music video for “I just haven’t met you yet.”  While it was fun, and in general I like Michael Buble, I couldn’t help but be bothered by the show’s premise and how much it reflects an idea of society of “the One” that we fall in love with.  I used to believe that that could happen sometimes, but I’m increasingly of the idea that that’s a load of hooey.  Love isn’t something that just happens.  It’s not some magical power that makes you lose your faults and suddenly have a simple, easy fulfilling relationship with someone.  You have to work hard at it and work hard on yourself.  Once the initial endorphins wear off in any relationship, you have a choice — make it work, or not.  So many people these days have been brainwashed by the idea of “the One” that they think that once you reach that stage, that they should just go and keep looking to try and find the magical “One”.  That’s why there’s so much divorce and people just plain deciding that marriage isn’t worth the trouble.  So come on, people.  TRY.  work at it.  You can do it.

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